When Markos Samaras was 12, in 1926, he was initiated to the secrets of fur making in Siatista, a place where the knowledge of this art was traditionally passed on from teacher to student. With zeal, continuous search for the best raw material and attention to detail, he made a name for himself which was linked to fur high quality and outstanding sewing. The second generation of the company, led by Ioannis Samaras, preserved all these unique features, that it has been taught, aligning them with modern and contemporary techniques.

Later, Ioannis Samaras undertook the company management and, from the year 1985, it extended its activity to Italy, where it promoted the art of fur implementing at the same time, in its products, the finesse and high aesthetics of Italian fashion. Today, Markos and Agni Samara, the company’s third generation, continue their family’s work with fresh ideas which are combined with all-time classic quality and modern trends.

Currently, along with our talented and worthy craftsmen, our collaborations with the best farms and with stores in Thessaloniki, Florence and Dubai, and our factory in Siatista, the company continues to offer the quality of great aesthetics in accessible prices, as we purchase our raw material from international fur auctions. Our collections of fur and leather, or combination of the two, consists of items of our own production and of renewed Italian Fashion Houses. The world-famous fur house Mala Matì, the great Marco Del Forte company with luxurious jackets and leather clothing as well as the popular accessory companies Talja and Braccialini are but a few who trust in the Samaras stores.

So, we are happy to present you with the latest and most modern designs of our collection.
Thank you for your trust and let’s embark together on … an online fashion journey.